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The world is changing and so is the way we make our financial transactions. From barter, to coins, to paper notes, to plastic money, net banking, e- wallet to……finally what? We have moved from tangible to intangible mode of payments : e- wallets are just software in your mobile through which you can make payments. You do not carry cash but just an icon. As we have progressed, each mode of payment was better and safer for transactions. Each mode was superior in technology. After E-wallet, now what ? Digital Currency | Cryptocurrency

Even with E-wallets, we are still dependent on a third party, a bank or a financial institution who records our transactions on their servers, may be for a hefty transaction fee and still own that piece of information. They may sell out this piece of information. That’s how most digital giants grew up – by selling data and information. How do we secure our transactions as anybody peeking into our transactions is hindrance to our privacy.

Well, probably the solution is :

Bitcoins, The Digital Currency.

This site is dedicated to Bitcoin information. All information necessary for a beginner is compiled here under Categories : Bitcoin Info and News about Bitcoin

What are Bitcoins, Bitcoin mining, Buying Bitcoins and Selling Bitcoin are some of the basic information that this site helps you understand.

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