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Pool Bitcoin Mining

Awareness about Bitcoin is limited to hardly few thousand people in India. Out of them only few understand what and how Bitcoin was created. Further few understands Bitcoin Mining and there are very few who knows that this Mining has given way to an opportunity to everyone to do business through Pool Bitcoin Mining

To understand Bitcoin Mining pls refer to my earlier post About Mining.

To Earn Through Bitcoin Mining I have joined a company called Gainbitcoin. There are several such pool bitcoin companies, you are free to choose any if you want to get into pool bitcoin mining. While I do not know anything about other mining companies, I can share my personal experience with Gainbitcoin. I joined them in March’16. I met their owner and many investors who had invested in this company earlier and were minting money due to Bitcoin. The company promised payouts on 6th and 21st of each month and since March I have been receiving regular payouts without fail. If anyone is interested to join this pool bitcoin mining company, you may  fill up this form and I shall contact you. You may also send mail at : giving your mobile number. I will be calling you and shall then fix meeting to explain any unanswered questions about bitcoin and also to take you on board within my network at Gainbitcoin.

Why Pool Bitcoin Mining

For those who may wonder why can’t we ourselves do Bitcoin Mining, below are the obvious reasons:

  1. We cannot install lots of latest high power machines on our own due to high cost involvement.
  2. These machines or servers needs lots of electricity and high maintenance cost. These servers generate lots of heat and therefore the space needs to be kept airconditioned.
  3. Lots of space is required.
  4. You need high speed broadband connection which should not fail even for a minute.

Hence for simple individuals like me and you, all we can do is pool in money and invest with those who are already doing Bitcoin Mining with large set up.

This company Gainbitcoin, has following to offer in their standard terms of contract:

  1. 10% Assured income per month on your investment for a period of 18 months.
  2. 5% referral income
  3. 8% additional binary income through networking (will explain this when we communicate)

Already there are about 5000 people in this network across India. You can also join with same contract as above.

Summarising Income Opportunity :

Direct Income on Investment : 10% per month by lease for 18 months

Direct Refferral Income           : 5%
Binary Network Income           : 8%

Disclaimer : Me as a blogger, is only recommending to consider this investment opportunity. Final decision is yours and any profit or loss resulting with this investment is yours. I am not responsible for any profit or loss arising out of this investment. I do stand by what I have invested and am ready to show my statement of receipts so far. Besides being one of the small investor with Bitcoin, I do not have any other relation or interest in Gainbitcoin.