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How can I buy Bitcoins

How Can I Buy Bitcoins ? Not that difficult today, buying bitcoins is now as easy as any other financial transaction. You have so many options to choose from. Following are the most common ways to own a bitcoin :
How can I buy bitcoins
How can I buy bitcoins
  1.              Buying from Exchange
  2.              Buying from an individual
  3.              Over the counter trades
  4.              Mining Bitcoin
  5.             Winning Bitcoin in Online Games
  1.  Buying from Exchange : The most common, authentic and legal way to buy bitcoins is from an exchange. Today almost every country where Bitcoins are commonly traded, has at least one or two exchange. One can buy bitcoin in local currency from their respective country’s exchange. See here below some of the exchanges in different countries :
Exchange                             Country
Coinbase                                 US
Circle                                       US
Coin corner                             US
Express coin                           US
Bitstamp                                 Slovenia
Bitquick                                   US
Kraken                                     US
Xapo                                        US
Huobi                                      China and Hongkong
BTCC                                       China
OKCoin                                     China
Bitfinex                                     Hongkong
Coinjar                                      Australia
Unocoin                                    India
Zebpay                                     India
Localbitcoins                            Finland
Bitbargain                                 UK
Bittylicious                                UK
BTC-e                                        Bulgaria
Some of these exchanges ask for bank account, some accept bank transfers while some even accept credit cards. One thing common to all of them is that they ask you to meet ‘know your customer’ (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.
2. Buying from an individual  : If you want to hide your identity or dont want to go through a formal third party body like an exchange, then you can buy it from any individual who has bitcoins and is willing to sell. You need to have your bitcoin wallet address to which the other person sends the bitcoins. However in this case you have to seperately give him cash or transfer your local currency in his bank account to pay for the bitcoins.  
3. Over the counter trades : There are certain websites which gives information about individuals in your area willing to buy or sell bitcoins. One such example is http://www.localbitcoins.comBesides you can meet people interested in bitcoins on
4. Mining Bitcoin : This is the best way where you actually earn bitcoin. For this you need to install bitcoin mining machine which may record information related to a transaction made during a specific period into a list called “block”.These transactions in a block are then written in a general public ledger called“BlockChain”.  You are rewarded with some Bitcoin generated from the software for each successful registration of block in blockchain. This is a new business opportunity that has come up to earn Bitcoins. People are putting up large Bitcoin Mining Farms consisiting of thousands of such Bitcoin Mining Machines. 
5. Bitcoin Awarding Online Games : There are lots of faucet websites, where you can play and be rewarded with Bitcoins or their lower denominations called Satoshi (first name of founder of Bitcoin).
Some such sites are listed below :
1.  : This site has some Quiz to be solved
2. : This is a game of predicting real financial markets. As your predictions become true, you get some scores. These scores can be accumulated and carried forward to next day or over weeks. As you accumulate substantial scores, you can redeem these scores with cash transfers. If you do not want to incur transaction fees, you can opt for bitcoins.
3. : The site has exciting tremor games
4.   : This one is for i-phone and i-pad. The name of game is Saru Tobi.
5. : This one is like a Casino. You can gamble with bitcoins.
6. : This one has some riddles.
7. : Play and earn rewards in bitcoins.


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