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Bitcoin undervalued by over USD 200

Value of Bitcoin

Investment bank and asset management firm Needham Company has released a report that concludes that bitcoin is currently undervalued by 58% based on today’s price. True value of Bitcoin should have been around USD 655.

value of bitcoin
Bitcoin appreciation

The market value of bitcoin as of today is about $412, as such the company advises that investors should invest in Bitcoins or buy shares in the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC).

Spencer Bogart, author of the report and Needham’s newly appointed equity research associate in charge of bitcoin and blockchain, said that the report is a vote of confidence in an emerging technology which many have questioned as a stable store of value of bitcoin.

As per Bogart :

“We believe bitcoin has value as both a digital gold and as a payments channel.”

Currently, there is $74bn worth of gold held in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) around the world, according to the numbers used in the report. Of bitcoin’s market cap of $6.3bn, Bogart estimates roughly 75%, or $4.8bn consists of money being treated as an investment.

That’s 6% of the value of gold ETFs, the report said, a number which the investment bank predicts could increase 25% by 2020.

Bogart used the percentage of bitcoins currently being held as an investment

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